Special Moments

9 06 2010

So while I was working in the studio today, I noticed a strange smell emanating from my left side.  As you can see from the photograph, the source of the odor was confirmed.  Some people might think it would be impossible to make an album when your surrounded by poo and a family with three kids.  Well somehow we’ve recorded this album in the midst of screaming babies, barking dogs, and a whole lotta love.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.  -Tim

dirty diaper

Drums are finished

4 06 2010

Jim tracked the last song on drums today.  Since he was tracking in an upstairs room, we couldn’t see him or hear him really well.  So in one of my rare moments of genius, I suggested we set up a video chat since we both had our laptops.  It worked beautifully.  Not only could we hear each other, we could see each other in albeit grainy live video.  In other news, Regan’s baby (Max) was teething really badly today and was crying hysterically.  It was actually pretty heartbreaking.  Either teething really hurts or our music is too painful for him to listen to.



29 05 2010

TBT 2007

After sifting through some old photos, I found this picture of us from October 2007 when we were on our way to New York to play our first show at the Knitting Factory.  My parents took this picture while we were standing in front of my house in NJ.  I seriously could not believe how young we looked and I was surprised at how happy the picture made me.  In some ways it made me really sad too.  In the past three years, in the whirlwind of tours, interviews, video shoots and recording, we have taken hundreds of photos for fans and professional photographers, but we failed to capture the “off camera” moments, when we’re un-showered, hair unkempt, bum clothed and just having fun as friends.  This picture reminded me that life is so much more than trying to be somebody, but it’s all about the somebodies you’re with along the way.

And it also reminded me to charge my camera.


Texas, Texas, and more Texas…Oh wait, now we’re in California?

21 01 2010
Doing what we love...

Doing What we Love

The Crowd!

The Crowd

Greetings. So many things have happened since we hit the road last Wednesday. Our first stop was in Austin. We weren’t sure what the crowd would be like with the city being an entirely new market and all, but were pleasantly surprised to see the venue packed when our set started. After the show, some folks invited us to their place for some steaks – which were incredible (thanks Chris Lu and company)! Next was Houston where we had two stops. We had a feeling that they were going to be great shows since we’d played at both churches before, and our expectations were more than met – thanks FBCC and HCC!

After Houston, we started the long trek to Los Angeles, with a pit stop in San Antonio for breakfast burritos (courtesy of our road manager Steve’s Uncle Jim). During our lovely breakfast, Uncle Jim proceeded to inform us of a recent incident that occurred in one of the cities we would be passing through. This incident involved a man en route to Los Angeles, his car, and burning flames, which were not accidental. Needless to say, we stayed pretty alert during the next 7000 hours to California. We took some pictures of the scenery for your viewing pleasure. During this trip, we unknowingly came to a border patrol checkpoint and were momentarily excited at the prospect of our tour becoming international….But the only border we got to cross was into New Mexico.

In short, 22 hours after leaving San Antonio, we arrived at Andrew’s sister’s place in Irvine and crashed for a few minutes before getting ready for our first show in Los Angeles (which was this past Monday). We’ll post more about our time in CA soon, so until next time…

Grace and peace,

Jim and Parker

The first 24 Hours

14 01 2010


So we have officially been driving the van for 24 hours. Nothing exciting has really happened except for the massive fallen Super 8 sign we found near a Tennessee gas station.

We’ve been trying to eat healthy so we bought a large bag of baby carrots and a tub of Spinach from Sam’s club. Steve (our road manager) brought one of those water boilers you can plug in.  We tried plugging it in to the van so we could cook the Spinach and we ended up blowing up the outlet.  Apparently the cigarette lighters in a vehicle can only deliver 300 watts of power.  The water boiler needed 1000 watts. Oops.

We finally got a fancy GPS guide that speaks to us with a British accent.  Sometimes she gets angry at us when we deviate from her appointed route and says “recalculating route” with such frustration we have simply learned to obey.  We haven’t figured out how to lower the volume, so until then, she is in charge.

Personally, I have given up movies and television for the year, so it’s back to the written word for me.  I haven’t really read anything in years, so it’s been good to know that I am still literate.  I am currently reading:

A Time to Kill (John Grisham)

A Time to Kill

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (Mark Haddon)

curious incident

We are now napping/blogging at the hotel in Austin, TX before we have to get to the venue at 3pm.  I am going to sleep now because Parker and Steve are breathing so loud I can’t concentrate anymore.

Peace out from the South,


It’s Been a While…

4 12 2008

Things have been kind of crazy over here.  It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog so here are a few updates for you in the life of TBT.

For those of you waiting anxiously for the new recordings to come out, we are working hard to get them done.  We apologize for the delay but you can never predict these things accurately.  In our case, we were off by 5 months. *shrug*  There will be new material on Myspace by mid January and the EP will hopefully be available for purchase around the same time.

We have new photos!  Dan Chen (www.chennergy.com) came into town to do a photo shoot for us. Here’s a little preview:




On a personal note, I’ve been trying to grow herbs recently, but the level of maintenance for growing living things is kind of intense.  I left my healthy, robust cilantro plant in Virginia over the Thanksgiving break and came back to a dead pile of brown leaves.


Luckily, my basil was still clinging on for dear life and I was able to revive it.  For a while, I was still holding out a shred of hope for the cilantro, but I think I’m finally coming to terms with death and I’m grieving in a healthy way: blogging. I have learned a very valuable life lesson from all this. Sometimes faster and bigger isn’t always better.  My cilantro grew so rapidly that it drank itself dry.  The amount of water to keep it alive was so much that it completely disintegrated within 3 days.  So note to self, never let anything grow too large too quickly or else it will just dry out and die when you aren’t paying attention.

Just look at the wonderful things we are learning together.