Why we have not posted any of our new songs online…yet

2 04 2011

When we were planning our release of “Humanity”, everyone had big plans for it and wanted to do a typical single release with a slick music video. We were going to do some big radio promotion and send the album out to every blogger and reviewer to get publicity. We were going to post our songs everywhere on every site so that the maximum number of people would hear it.

In the end, we decided not to go that route.

People are inundated all the time with music that they are told they should like or not like. We look at charts and stats to see what the next big song is or whose record is hot at the moment. This leaves little opportunity for discovery, for sharing music with your friends, for finding something for yourself and experiencing it on your own terms.

I hope that those of you have heard our album and have found it moving or encouraging will tell your friends about it. Let them listen to it. Heck, I don’t even really care if you rip it for them. (Hopefully they will eventually buy it if they like it. We’re poor!) I just want you to experience the music with another person. I want the music to be discovered through other people and not us trying to push it on you.

I’m sure at some point we will release a music video or try to push a single and post song clips online, but for now, we just want people to find the music in the way it was meant to be found….through each other. That’s what “Humanity” is all about. Sharing music and art with each other without us hyping it up for you. I hope you are blessed and encouraged by this album. I poured my heart and soul into these songs when I wrote them and I hope they will give you some hope and drive to keep pressing forward.

Many Blessings,

The REAL New Album Cover

1 11 2010

Ok, I lied.  I looked at the artwork again after it was printed and realized that it just doesn’t translate well to paper.  So in my psychotic perfectionism, I redid the whole cover.  I like this one a lot better.  Hope you do too!

Humanity Cover Art

8 10 2010

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since we’ve updated, but here’s a preview of the artwork for the new album!  The album is currently being mastered.  Can’t wait for you guys to hear it! -Tim

Special Moments

9 06 2010

So while I was working in the studio today, I noticed a strange smell emanating from my left side.  As you can see from the photograph, the source of the odor was confirmed.  Some people might think it would be impossible to make an album when your surrounded by poo and a family with three kids.  Well somehow we’ve recorded this album in the midst of screaming babies, barking dogs, and a whole lotta love.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.  -Tim

dirty diaper

Drums are finished

4 06 2010

Jim tracked the last song on drums today.  Since he was tracking in an upstairs room, we couldn’t see him or hear him really well.  So in one of my rare moments of genius, I suggested we set up a video chat since we both had our laptops.  It worked beautifully.  Not only could we hear each other, we could see each other in albeit grainy live video.  In other news, Regan’s baby (Max) was teething really badly today and was crying hysterically.  It was actually pretty heartbreaking.  Either teething really hurts or our music is too painful for him to listen to.


Whoa, it’s been a while

13 09 2009

So yea, I think I win the award for most MIA.  The reason I even thought of updating is because my Wordpress notification spammed me 100 times so I had to log in and put on some spam filters.  Anyway, while I’m here, SO many things have happened since I last updated our blog.  It’s been a crazy few months and I can’t even remember all that we did.  We FINALLY released our EP and sent it out to the entire blogging world to review.  We finally made it to some of the Southern states and did a mini tour from Atlanta to Texas.  I’m not going to lie, Houston is hotter than heartburn.

Luan and I moved into a new apartment in ONE day after the tour and then I hopped on a plane to Italy for my best friend’s wedding.  (Is that a movie?)  Regan, our producer, also had her baby while we were gone.  His name is Max and he sleeps alot.  Speaking of which, it is alarming to me how many couples I know are popping out children.  I have some fertile friends.

This past Friday, we played Friday’s After Five to a crowd of over 1,000 people.  It was a lot of fun except when I got bit by a mosquito in the middle of a song that was a tribute to those who had died on 9/11.  I was trying so hard not to scratch.  Those little buggers are so annoying.  (I don’t think I’ve ever used the word bugger before).  I went to two church services this morning.  You would think that would make me twice as spiritual, but I’m just twice as tired.  I just finished a 3 hour nap while watching Ratatouille.  Which reminds me, I have been on this culinary kick lately trying to experiment in making different types of foods.  I’ve already mastered mac and cheese, baked chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, pork chops, vegetable purees, anything sauteed or stir fried.  If this music thing doesn’t work out, look out for my new restaurant: Tim Be Tasty.  …That sounds wrong.

Clearly my blogging material is considerably less profound and less visually stimulating, but I think I need to start this up again so you guys won’t forget about us.

Much Love,


EP Update #2

22 03 2009

So we got the final mixes back from the studio (finally).  Now we’re just waiting for the mastering facility to finish up everything.  In the meantime, we’re starting some heavy touring in the spring so please come out to a show near you.  Hope to see you there!

(If you want to hear the full version of “Analyze”, go to our Facebook fan page.)

Also we should be selling posters on our online store soon, so keep on the lookout for that.

Let’s play a Game…

25 02 2009

New EP cover

Hello faithful readers of this blog.  Lately we’ve been bombarded with questions of when the EP is coming out.  Well, to be perfectly honest, I have no clue.  At this point it could come at any moment, but we have no idea because we are no longer in control of it.  That being said, let’s make this a little bit more fun.  Whoever guesses the closest date of the EP, I will personally ship you an autographed copy of the EP and a poster the day I get my hands on it.

Oh, and here’s a little taste of another song on the EP….

Analyze (Clip)

EP Artwork “From the Inside”

9 02 2009

So after a very long and arduous recording process, we are in the final stages of getting this EP done.  Thank you all for being so patient with us!  For being such awesome fans, here’s a preview of the artwork for the EP.  Love you guys! -Tim

From The Inside EP

BABY KING (available now)

16 12 2008

Hey guys, check out the new Christmas song! You can buy it online at our store or just click on the link below. Happy Holidays!

hey friends

Just wanted to let you know that we have a new Christmas song available for download! Go to our Myspace to listen or download the song at the TBT Store.

Happy Holidays!

Much Love,