5 02 2010

So this blog entry is a little late, but here it goes. Three Thursdays ago, Steve, Jack and I witnessed one of the more memorable musical experiences I’ve ever been been a part of: The Watkins Family Hour at the Largo in Los Angeles.

At the legendary Largo

At the legendary Largo

It wasn’t just the ridiculous collective talent displayed on stage that left me at loss for words, it was the intimate, conviction-filled way they connected with the audience through their blend of folk and Americana. Forget the overproduction, the pro-tools, and the auto-tune, strip music down to its most raw, basic level and let it carry its own weight and speak for itself. Not to mention the guest appearance of John C. Reilly…yes, that John C. Reilly. Shake and bake. However, the best part of the evening was yet to come. Right before their set ended, they announced that they would continue the party at the even more intimate space next door, appropriately named “The Little Room”. We sat within inches of the Watkins siblings, John C. Reilly, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, and the one and only Brad Mehldau (whose surprise showing caused quite a stir among the folks on stage). A bit of a disclaimer: the correct spelling is indeed “Mehldau”, the spelling on the note depicted is incorrect.

No words needed

No words needed

They performed originals, old gospel tunes, and covered artists ranging from Johnny Cash to Weezer. Amazing. We seriously couldn’t believe that we were fortunate enough to witness what we saw that night. It served as a good reminder of what music is truly about – connecting with people at the gut level and leaving them with something meaningful to hold onto.





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19 02 2010
Erik Bobbitt (13:45:06) :

Dang it Jim! How did we not talk about this last night?! I’m freakin’ jealous. I’ve been wanting to go to Watkins Family Hour at the Largo for freakin’ ever.