Bye Bye Bay Area

18 02 2010

***Disclaimer: This blog was written two weeks ago, we apologize for the lag in our updates…

Hello Friends,

Though I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop outside Seattle, I figured it’d be a good time to fill you in on the rest of our stay in the Bay Area last week. First of all, a HUGE shout out to the Chae family for being kind enough to open up their home to us and for blessing us with their generosity and hospitality!

We hung out with some of the good folks from Living Water Church on Thursday before our show and they were kind enough to take us out for sushi and a walk down the beachfront. Good times. The show went really well, and more importantly, funds were raised to benefit a great organization that works to combat sex trafficking called New Day for Children (

We were also able to spend some time in San Francisco on Friday and Saturday, which was sweet, since it’s a great city. We took in some of the views, went thrift store shopping, and watched jazz. (Good) jazz musicians are just on an entirely different level. A bit of a tangent, but if you are ever in Charlottesville on a Wednesday or Thursday evening – do yourself a favor and go to Millers on the downtown mall to catch some sweet jazz. You will not be disappointed.

Pier 39

Pier 39

Tearing it up

Tearing it up

We wrapped our time up in the Bay Area with another show on Sunday (thanks BACBC!!) and dinner with our good friends from Virginia, Cliff and Carrie Woolley on Monday. Needless to say, we enjoyed our stay (as we did our last time here), and look forward to coming back in the not too distant future.

View from the drumkit

View from the drumkit

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1 03 2010
Amy Kan (12:40:56) :

Hi Tim Be Told! I’m taking time off of facebook, so I decided to hop on here to leave you a comment. I was looking for the lyrics to your song “System” and bumped into this site:

I hope this inspires you to keep doing what you’ve been doing. I’m sure many nonbelievers out there are being captured by the lyrics. Keep it up. :)