29 05 2010

TBT 2007

After sifting through some old photos, I found this picture of us from October 2007 when we were on our way to New York to play our first show at the Knitting Factory.  My parents took this picture while we were standing in front of my house in NJ.  I seriously could not believe how young we looked and I was surprised at how happy the picture made me.  In some ways it made me really sad too.  In the past three years, in the whirlwind of tours, interviews, video shoots and recording, we have taken hundreds of photos for fans and professional photographers, but we failed to capture the “off camera” moments, when we’re un-showered, hair unkempt, bum clothed and just having fun as friends.  This picture reminded me that life is so much more than trying to be somebody, but it’s all about the somebodies you’re with along the way.

And it also reminded me to charge my camera.




3 responses to “Reminisce”

31 05 2010
jonathan tan (08:37:45) :

nolstagia = refreshing

3 06 2010
Melvin (21:39:42) :

ahaha! You guys seem so young in this picture. Don’t get so caught up in work that you forget to live a little, too! :)

3 06 2010
Grace (22:22:05) :

I always take my camera with me for moments like this and to remember the people I’m with. They bring just about all of my favorite moments in life :)