Ok, it’s time to leave it to a vote.

4 11 2010

I don’t know what I think anymore. Just tell me which one you guys like the best. -Tim



16 responses to “Ok, it’s time to leave it to a vote.”

4 11 2010
Eric (19:06:57) :

i really like this one. =] can’t wait for the new cd!

4 11 2010
Serenity (21:20:38) :

I like either the original idea or this one. The original is busier but not overwhelming, though I might differentiate the font for “Timbetold” and “Humanity.” This one is cleaner, and the idea of the human figures inside the light bulbs looking like puppets on a string really intrigues me.

4 11 2010
Wendy S. (23:20:12) :

I like the first one best, then this one, then the last one. But i’m sure the music itself will be splendid!


6 11 2010
JP (06:12:21) :

I think they’re all awesome, but the first one is still my favorite. I know you said that one didn’t look good in print, so my second choice is #3. Great work!

10 11 2010
EK (19:13:25) :

I think they’re all great, too. Hoping for this one, though – love the humans in the lightbulbs :)

11 11 2010
David (13:09:56) :

Personally, I appreciate the first one the most. I really like the most recent one you posted (with the lightbulbs), but it doesn’t seem very original, nor does it match the title of the album.

11 11 2010
Waiaka (13:22:27) :

I like the second one and the third one. They’re both great and contain deep symbolism. Second one is artsy and slight cynical, while the third one is simplistic and optimistic. If i were to chose, I’d go with the 3rd one.

13 11 2010
Karen (18:49:13) :

I have to agree that the 1st one is my favorite. It has the “we’re going to stand together and combat these issues” kind of feeling. But yes, can’t print the first one. So I pick the 3rd. It fits better with the music. =)

Really, you can flip a coin Tim! They’re both great!

16 11 2010
honay (00:19:26) :

this is my favorite :) its simple beautiful yet is meaningful!

16 11 2010
David L (Bamboo Offshoot) (17:24:02) :

The 2nd one is my favorite. Amazing artwork and very intricate. While I agree that the soul of Tim Be Told as a band is optimistic, I think this 2nd cover reflects the complexity in your music. So I think Waiaka is kind of right in saying that the 2nd cover is “cynical” (I’d rather say “abstruse”), but I don’t see that as a turn-off.

-David L (Art Editor, Bamboo Offshoot newsmagazine, bamboooffshoot.com )
(P.S. Read your feature in Bamboo Offshoot!: bamboooffshoot.com/?p=340 . We will try to get someone to cover your show on Saturday as well)

17 11 2010
Joanne (01:29:24) :

This one!! :)

27 11 2010
joshchen (13:08:04) :

i think you should print the 3rd. but incllude the other two as either digital extras or freebies in the album or something!

28 11 2010
Stan (16:12:50) :

The first one is my favorite. :X Since that can’t be done, the third one is my vote!

29 11 2010
Pippin (13:00:08) :

I would like to cast a vote for the “dirty diaper in the mixing room” photo. It doesn’t get any more human than that!

4 12 2010
Jon Chen (14:45:58) :

i like the 1st and 3rd ones.

4 12 2010
Andrew (15:05:53) :

The simplicity of the 3rd is great, while the 2nd looks like the faded version of a design trend that ended a few years ago. But wow- you’re talented at music AND graphic design?! Stop being so awesome!